- Current Production Time = 14-16 Weeks - FREE Shipping on all Orders Shipped to the USA -

Covid-19 Info



Due to the ongoing effects of Covid I am several weeks behind schedule. This is due to several ongoing issues including, Government mandated shutdowns, supply chain issues, 'sick' employee's etc. At the same time we are experiencing unprecedented ordering.


In response to these ongoing issues over the last year I have:


1. Removed products and streamlined colors/options on all remaining products to minimize the effect of the worldwide supply chain issue.


2. Built a new shop at home so that I may work alone and uninterrupted by any Government mandated nonsense.


3. Eliminated the employee issue.


4. Reduced the amount of Custom work accepted to only a couple per month. 


I expect the current production time to be cut in half by Fall. I generally like to keep the lead times around 6-8 weeks and will bring the lead time down even if I have to stop accepting new orders for several months to do so.


Your patience while I work through the backlog is greatly appreciated.


-Skyler Storm