- Current Production Time = 14-16 Weeks - FREE Shipping on all Orders Shipped to the USA -

Custom Work

Due to Covid, We have suspended all Custom Orders and are not accepting any inbound knife shipments.

On average we build 750 sheaths per month. In order to keep to our production schedule, and due to the additional time required for custom projects, we can only accept a limited amount of custom work per month.


Please note the following before inquiring about a custom order:


1. We will only use our current active designs to build a sheath. We will not build something you saw on the web or sketched up.

2. Not all of our sheath models will work with every style of knife.

3. ALL custom work requires the knife to be sent in to have a sheath built for it. We will not work off pictures, measurements, cut outs, or other guesswork, There are NO exceptions.
4. Due to the additional time spent on design, ALL Custom orders incur a flat $20.00 fee in addition to the price of the sheath
5. We build only knife sheaths. We do not build machete sheaths, sword scabbards, ninja star holders, etc.
6. In order to expedite your custom quote, please include in your email:
A) A picture, or link if applicable, of your custom knife with dimensions.
B) The sheath model or models you are interested in.
C) Any available options for that sheath that you wish to include.
D) Color, stitching color, hardware color, and carry side.
This will help us reduce the amount of back and forth emails required to generate a quick quote for you.

Please contact us with any custom requests.