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Ka-Bar 'The Marquis' Scout Carry Sheath

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The Marquis model is a horizontal Scout Carry sheath that can be custom built in small to large sizes to fit a wide variety of fixed blades.

• 10 ounce Premium Hermann Oak Bridle Leather - Superior Weather Resistance and Durability
• Military Grade Snaps and Hardware
• Will Fit Belt widths up to 2"
• Built and Hand Stitched by American Craftsmen
• Horizontal Small of Back Carry
• Molle Compatible for Pack Carry
• Patented Hedgehog Rapid Release System

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  • The Marquis

    Posted by Anonymous on Nov 19th 2019

    Ordered for a Kabar D2.
    So far, I'm satisfied. The D2 is a larger knife, and carrying it on lengthy hiking trips is uncomfortable with any of the provided sheaths. I wanted something that could fit comfortably on my person without hindering movement, and this has met that requirement. I also wanted something that could be mounted to my pack if the small of the back was covered by the waist strap of my larger pack. That requirement has been met. I have also found that it is capable of mounting around the shoulder strap, though for a right handed draw off of shoulder, you should get the left handed sheath.
    The retention strap is excellent, and the incorporated bungee string provides instant clearance once the button is released.
    The mounting straps are a bit awkward in that they are only sewn at the origin of the strap. It has not affected performance or appearance in any way, so I'll consider that neutral.
    My initial impression was that it was a bit large, though still smaller compared to the standard nylon cordura sheath. The front to back dimensions of the leather seemed a bit excessive, though I imagine the goal is to allow mounting to larger belts. Personally, I would have preferred a cut closer to the edge and closer to the back of the blade. I felt this could be achieved with smaller guaged buttons, since I am not mounting on a 2in belt.
    I will say that the actual knife slot was cut exactly to size, and holds the knife with just the right amount of tension, even without the lock strap. And the hilt to tip length was adequate and allowed a comfortable spread of the mounting straps.
    Just for fun, I wore it under a light coat around a few guys I know well, and it fit so well to form that it went unnoticed. (They laughed when I did a reveal, since as I said, it's on the larger side of knives).

    Overall, I'm happy with it. And I had no need of a pouch, so this option saves you some money on accessories. If I need to stow something, I have either pockets, or a hiking pack. Though I did find the fire starter a handy idea, and included it.

    Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and believe everything is as ordered. And the timeline advertised was kept.

    Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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