Updated 3-9-17

Master Axe/Tomahawk List

All of the Axes and Tomahawks on this page are in our shop to work with or on order. If they are not in the online shopping database then we simply have not yet had the time to upload the specific products to that category as of yet. Just ask and we will get that category set up within 24 hours.
Any Axe/Hawk not in our list please Contact Us. If it is readily available then we will usually order it in for your build and future ones. If it is a Custom , old, or something generally unavailable, then it will need to be sent in to have a sheath built for it. We do not work from measurements or mailed in cut outs, ever. Please do not ask.




Axes and Tomahawks


Laplander 396




Cold Steel

Axe Gang
Frontier Hawk
Norse Hawk
Pipe Hawk
Rifleman Hawk
Spike Hawk
Trail Boss
Trail Hawk



Woods Chogan
Woods Kangee








Gransfors Bruk

410 Small Hatchet
413 Hand Hatchet
415 Wildlife Hatchet
418 Hunters Axe
420 Small Forest Axe
425 Outdoors Axe
430 Scandinavian Axe
439 Small Splitting Axe
445 Large Splitting Axe
Ray Mears Wilderness Axe