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Our Lead Time is posted on the main page of the site. 99% of orders ship on time, or sooner than expected. If it states an 8 week lead time then please do not call or email us at 3 weeks to see if it is ready yet, It is not. We do not give daily updates, doing so would require an immense amount of time. Simply put, If we are on the phone or answering email then we are not building an order.

Repeated badgering "Is it ready yet?" only increases the lead time for everyone while we answer your same email or call 25 times and will likely result in your order being cancelled. We will not put several hundred people on hold while we cater to one impatient individual.

After your order is placed it is then cut and put into our build que. When it is your turn, your order is then pulled, built, and shipped. If you need your order faster than our lead time then you can add Fast Track to your order when it is placed.



  1. We do NOT give order status updates over the phone
  2. We do NOT email in progress photos
  3. We do NOT do rush work

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