August 2017

Shop Talk


Ramblings from the workbench...


    As many people have noticed, I have paired down our offerings for the time being to include only our Bushcraft style sheaths, pouches, and baldric system.

    I am taking a break from the tactical style sheath models to focus on improving lead times, (currently down to a record three weeks) make some minor design changes to a few models, (such as add dual stitching options) and improve the overall efficency and waste reduction of the shop.

    Most of the unavailable models will return again towards the new year.


    1777, Chesapeake, Flintlock, Founder, Gaspee, General, Marquis, Musket, Mutiny, and Revolution.



  • 1776, Colonist, Declaration, Fire Wallet, Insurrection, Liberty Bell, Privateer, and Ticonderoga.


    I retire models when I simply get tired of making them, or in certain cases, If they become a problem to the overall workflow. The Ticonderoga is a massive build and a good part of longer lead times. We can build 12 sheaths in the time it takes to build one Ticonderoga.



In other news,


New products this month:

  1. The Paine and Washington sheaths are now available

    The Proclamation canted multi tool sheath is now available.


That's all for now,