Product Care

All of my leather products are 100% handmade in the USA. I use only the finest American leathers and hardware available. With proper care and use your product should last a lifetime.

Below are some tips to keep your leather in top shape.

Leather is a natural material made from the hides of an animal. No two animals are the same and neither are their hides. Natural marks add character and appeal to the leather. As leather goods are worn and exposed to the elements, many of the essential oils the leather tanners put in to the leather wear away. When the oils are not replaced several things can occur: drying, cracking, and hardening of the leather are three of the most common results of improper care. If your Sheath gets soaked with water, make sure you treat it before it dries completely, If left to dry the leather will become stiff as a board.

Clean the leather thoroughly and then apply a few light coats of conditioner into the damp leather while the pores are still open. Allow it to dry slowly and naturally. DO NOT use forced heat like an oven, clothes dryer, or blow dryer! Doing so will dry it out, crack the leather and void your warranty.

There are a variety of products to waterproof and maintain the oils in your sheath. I use and prefer Obenaufs LP or Mink Oil, a little goes a long way.

Just about any oil or conditioner will darken leather over time. Leather can only absorb a certain amount of oil before it is saturated. Using too much oil can cause leather to deteriorate. Simply wipe a small amount of oil/conditioner on the sheath with a clean rag and let it soak in. You do not need to worry about the inside of the sheath.

Your leather sheath was built to be heirloom quality, however, should your product ever be damaged please email me with pictures for repair options. I can usually repair straps, firesteel loops, damaged hardware, etc. for minimal cost.



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