- Current Production Time = 14-16 Weeks - FREE Shipping on all Orders Shipped to the USA -


General Questions

Q Is it ready yet?

A This is the single most asked question. Our lead time is posted on the main page of the site and is exactly what you should expect. If it states an 8 week lead time then please do not call or email us at 3 weeks to see if it is ready yet, It is not. Repeated badgering "Is it ready yet?" only increases the lead time for everyone while we answer your same email or call 25 times and will likely result in your order being cancelled. In order to keep our lead times as low as possible for everyone we do not provide in progress pictures or status updates. You can always follow our Instagram feed for pictures. When your order is placed it is then cut and put into our build que. When it is your turn, your order is then pulled, built, and shipped. If you need your order faster than our lead time then you can add Fast Track to your order when it is placed. If it has been over the stated lead time then please email us!

Q Is it in stock?

A No, all of our products are built to order. Our Lead Time is always posted on the Home Page.

Q I am in a hurry or need something for an upcoming trip, gift, etc.

A Our Fast Track option is available for a fee for those on a tight schedule. Fast Track is unavailable during peak periods.

Q Do you accept Custom Work?

A We do at times accept custom work depending on the nature of the request. If it is a newer production knife and not in our available list then please email us with your request, most likely we will purchase the knife in question to add to our inventory and build your sheath. If it is a custom knife, something old or generally unavailable, then it will need to be sent in for fitting. We do NOT work off of measurements, pictures, etc. Do NOT ask. If you are not willing to send the knife in for fitting then we will not build a sheath for it.

Q How do I track my order?

A All orders ship with Tracking information which is automatically emailed to you when the shipping label is generated for your order.

Q An item is missing from my order.

A At times we ship partial shipments on multi orders in order to get our products to you as quickly as possible. We will ship any remaining items to you as they are built. We do not bill any additional shipping charges.

Q I want to ship to an alternate shipping address.

A For security reasons, we can only ship to the address on file with Paypal or your credit card company when your order was placed.

Q I want to cancel my order

A Your order is custom built and goes into production once it is placed. ALL cancelled orders will incur a 50% cut fee. Please read our cancellation policy for more information.

Q I want to return or exchange my order.

A Every product on the site is custom built to order and is hand built according to the specifications you choose before checking out. As such, there are NO returns or exchanges unless the error was our fault.

Q How do I order

A ALL orders must be placed online through our Web Store or by Mail. We do NOT take phone orders!

Q How Long does shipping take

A Shipping generally takes 3-7 business days for domestic shipments. International shipping can take 7-21 days to clear Customs and receive. We have ZERO control over how long Customs takes to process your parcel. We will not undervalue Customs Forms, do not ask. Duties and Fees are your responsibility.

Q What payment methods do you accept

A We accept all Credit and Debit cards securely through Paypal. Amazon Pay, Apple pay, and Google Payments are also accepted. Effective 1-1-2019 We no longer accept checks or other mailed payments.