Dec 12th 2021

December Update

November orders from 01-07 have shipped, We are working on remaining orders from November. We will be closed for our yearly inventory and maintenance period from 12/21 - 1/02.Due to Covid restrictions we are currently unable to ship to Australia. We are holding all orders to Australia … Read more

Oct 31st 2021

November Update

All September orders have shipped, October orders from 01-10 have shippedWe are working through the second half of October orders and they should be shipping in about fourteen days.

Sep 18th 2021

Mid September Update

We have nearly completed August orders, The remainder are scheduled to ship later this week. We are already working into September orders with lead times between 10-20 days.As we move into the holiday season we will be removing some options and/or sheath models from our catalog to try and … Read more
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